What We Do

MHB & Associates, Inc., offers suppliers experienced, knowledgeable and ethical consulting and coaching as they seek relationships with Walmart Stores, Inc., Sam’s Club, and other retailers. Our team offers more than 80 years of combined experience in all aspects of retail from supply chain management to replenishment.

We work in a variety of categories that include beauty and personal care items, trial and travel, naturals, pharmacy/OTC, etc. When presented with new products and/or categories; we work closely with each client to verify that their products fit both the ethos of our company and the retailer’s needs.

Our specific services include:


• Strategize with the client on offering their most innovative/value-added products based on the current landscape within a retailer/department

• Provide help on how to educate and market products for maximum results

•Assist in product packaging, pack size etc.

Getting on the shelf

• Schedule buyer appointments
• Assist in creating the buyer meeting presentation
• Attend buyer meetings and follow up with the buyer after the meeting
• Assist in the complete item setup process

Maintaining shelf presence

• Work with replenishment teams to meet on time and in full goals set by retailers.

• Provide weekly sales and replenishment analytics allowing client to be on top of business daily

• Provide forecasts to help with pre-production

• Support promotional activities at the retailer

• Help clients meet the business challenges presented by various retailers

Do you need help with any aspect of the buyer/supplier relationship? Whether you’re simply exploring the idea of being a supplier with Walmart, Sam’s Club or another retailer or if you’re already a supplier and want to improve your sales, MHB & Associates would love to hear from you.